Community Development

Over the past 40 years, BFDI has engaged the community to be active participants in creating the community environment that is supportive of the needs of parents and children.

The establishment of block clubs in the Osborn, Denby and Cody Rouge communities have improved social cohesion. The social cohesion has yielded the critical "working together" that helps the community solve problems and build a stronger healthier community.

Residents of the Osborn, Denby and Cody Rouge communities are assuming more responsibility for their future and assuming more responsibility for outcomes in their community.

Community Engagement Project Goals

  • * Identify new block clubs and engage members in increased community engagement
  • * Engage existing block clubs in leadership training including advocacy strategies
  • * Support the long term sustainability of existing block clubs
  • * Continue to hold weekly block club meetings and monthly community celebrations
  • * Collaborate to offer successful community policing throughout the neighborhood
  • * Increase the number of stakeholders participating in community engagement planning strategies by 30%
  • * Engage the community in determining the specific geographic boundaries that will be defined as the Osborn Promise    Neighborhood Zone
  • * Develop a business plan for achieving the overarching results of the Promise Neighborhood that includes community,    educational and child welfare outcomes

    Resources For Our Consumers

    Community Development: Transforming a Vacant Lot Into a Park

    Skillman "Good Neighborhood Initiative"

    Program Services

    Strengthen neighborhoods by organizing and supporting block clubs, and providing leadership training for residents in the Osborn & Cody Rouge Community.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Reside in either the Osborn or Cody Rouge Community

    Restorative Practices

    Program Services

    Using the evidence-based model, Restorative Practices, BFDI is collaborating with the Skillman Foundation to teach Restorative Practices to students, parents, personnel and throughout the Wayne County community. The purpose is to restore harm, and constructively problem-solve, whenever crises arise, while developing competencies and relationships to avert similar crises from re-occurring.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Schools, students, police districts, non-profit organizations, etc. in the metro Detroit area.

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